Extruder Barrel Laser Alignment

Proper alignment of Extruders can extend the life of extruder barrels and feedscrews by precisely positioning the extruder barrel to coincide with the gearbox output center of rotation. The feedscrew should accurately mate to the thrust shaft of the gearbox while being properly centered within the barrel.

Extruders are critical to the plastics industry. Proper alignment of the extruder barrel is imperative for the long life of the barrels and screws. The ADVANCED Team’s unique extruder measurement system allows quick and precise measurements of the barrel relative to the gearbox center of rotation. A laser transmitter is installed on the output shaft of the gearbox and adjusted to represent its center of rotation.

Positional adjustments are made “live”. Typically, the barrel can be aligned to within 0.001″ of the OEM or customer specification, vertically, with respect to the gearbox output shaft!

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