OL2R Dynamic Alignment

Measurement of the true positional changes in machinery alignment from “off-line-to-running” are the standard for machinery that has a differential in operating temperatures for the different components.

OL2R or “off-line-to-running” measurements quickly and accurately show the total change in machinery alignment that results from:

  • Thermal changes
  • Dynamic machine loading
  • Pipe strain
  • Rotor torque
  • Speed, etc.

The result is an accurate set of Cold Alignment Targets that will allow the machine or machine train to operate at optimum alignment under normal operating conditions. These measurements can typically be carried out in less than one day. Additional time may be required to properly align the machines following the data collection. OL2R or “off-line-to-running” is a non-intrusive, safe and economical way to get the proper cold alignment targets for your machinery.

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