Oil Analysis

“Tribology” is one of the oldest forms of non-destructive testing ofmachinery. Oil samples are taken from equipment and tests are conducted with resulting values compared to those of clean, reference oils. Industrial oil analysis should include more than vendor-supplied spectral and chemical analysis. Wear and particle debris analysis is more reliable. Oil analysis is performed on various types of equipment such as: gearboxes, hydraulics, and bearings. Testing the current condition of lubricants will determine the following:

  • Suitability for continued use (additive depletion & viscosity)
  • Presence of machine wear debris (metal particulate)
  • Presence & identification of contaminants ( water, dirt, process material)
  • Confirmation that the correct oil is being used in each machine
  • Need for further maintenance testing

Benefits of an Oil Analysis Program:

  • Predict potential machine failures before they occur
  • Extend oil change intervals (change oils based on condition rather than time)
  • Detect abnormal machine or lubricant conditions with routine oil analysis & trending of results
  • Extend oil life with contamination control practices and filtering as needed

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