April 9-11, 2019
ICE USA – Booth #1510
Kentucky International Convention Center
Louisville, KY

September 17-19, 2019
Extrusion 2019 – Booth #126
David. E. Stephens Convention Center
Rosemont, IL

The ADVANCED Team, Inc., has developed a unique and geometrically superior system for the measurement and alignment of extruder barrels. Laser Extruder Barrel Alignment extends the life of extruder barrels and screws by precisely positioning the feed throat and output end of the extruder to coincide with the gearbox output center of rotation.

Extruders are critical to the plastics industry. Proper alignment of the feed throat and the barrel are critical to long life of the barrels and screws. A laser transmitter is installed on the gearbox output shaft and adjusted to represent the center of rotation of the gearbox output to within 0.5 mils or better (0.0005″). A detector inserted into the feed throat and output end enables the data to be collected in under 5 minutes. Position adjustments are made “live”. Typically, the barrel can be aligned to within 0.001″ of the OEM or customer specification, orizontally and vertically, with respect to the gearbox output shaft.
The ADVANCED Team, Inc.:


The ADVANCED Team, Inc. is a team of specialists who come from varied backgrounds and experiences. The service providers have worked with both large and small corporations and their processes in a number of applications. They have decades of experience, are certified in Vibration Analysis and Machinery Geometric Alignment, and are members of The International Maintenance Institute; and The Vibration Institute.

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